Pitch Wars


Hello there. 

Are you already researching mentors for Pitch Wars 2018? Well, aren't you Johnny on the Spot! That work ethic will serve you well in the coming trials and tribulations, whether you are selected for Pitch Wars or not. Good on you, chap. For information about me and my co-mentor Mr. Ian Barnes's wish-list, you'll just have to wait until August something-or-other, when it shall be revealed. For now, all I may tell you is that we are mentoring one lucky mentee in the Adult category. Now, you may exclaim, "But Laura! You were selected for your Middle Grade novels both years you were a mentee in Pitch Wars, and indeed, it is with a (very charming) Middle Grade novel with which you scored your most excellent literary representation! What gives with all this Adult business?" To that I say, and I don't need quotations because I'm just speaking straight to you, there is such a thing as a pen name (or nom de plume, if you're feeling fancy), and there is also such a thing as a super secret project. That explanation will simply have to do for now. Cheers!